City Arts Fest + Truckasauras = PARTYROCK!


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The third annual Heineken City Arts Fest turns Seattle into your playground for 4 days and nights (17 – 20 Oct). Wristbands give you access to dozens of concerts at iconic venues, secret arts shows and unexpected experiences. Or if you just want to see a couple shows, you can opt to buy tickets to any individual event.

[wp_ad_camp_1]’s raging reporter Crazy Dutch Guy decided to check out the Truckasauras 2012 Finale show With OC Notes’ Emerald City Sequence, Vox Mod, And the mighty DJ Introcut.

The event took place at Fred Wildlife Refuge, an interesting location. A cross between an intimate event hall/warehouse space.

Upon arrival Introcut was pounding the beats upon the crowd. A signature selection of the better dubstep tracks.. Not the aggressive kind, but with the smooth deep basslines and clever drum rolls. At the end of his set he threw in the Twin Peaks theme and mixed it up with the acapella of DJ Assault’s Ass ‘n Titties – that was hilarious to say the least!

Ok.. it was time for the main act of the night now: Truckasauras!

Truck, a self-proclaimed collection of Ne-rrrrrdddsssss are known for their stunning electronic music live performances. They throw a collection of the finest synths, drum machines, guitar pedals and what not on one pile and miraculously sync it all up together to make some of the most outta this world beats.

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Quite melodic, it sounds like a mix of vintage computer game music with addition of hefty beats rolling through the speakers like a tornado. At times also quite groovy and deeper. The fun thing about Truck is that you should always expect the unexpected. From four to the floor beats to nasty drum & bass beats and other syncopated fun-stuff.

I’ve seen Truck before but for this occasion the walls of the venue were turned into giant projection screens. In sync with the music there were visials on the wall showing the weirdest B-rated kung-fu gore clips. Heads were chopped off, hands were flying everywhere and so on.. But done in such a ridiculous way that it was quite entertaining.

Truck GearAt one moment the middle of the dancefloor got cleared to set up a drum set. I’ve never seen that at a party 🙂 We got treated to a massive drum set with the add on from all the other bass cranking synthesizers on stage.

All in all this was quite the unique PARTYROCK experience and would certainly like to experience such an event again!




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