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Antonio Giacca has been storming the progressive house scene with dancefloor peak time material such as Party Monster, Inflexions and most recently Majestic and some of these had great music videos as well. Antonio’s music is always filled with lots of melody, great builds and high energy sounds. With support from top DJs ranging from Gareth Emery to Morgan Page, EDX, Chris Reece, Gina Star, Above & Beyond, Cedric Gervais, Kyau and Albert and many more, we had to reach out to him for an exclusive interview with us.

06 Antonio Giacca - Majestic ARTWORKYou are originally from Rome and have lived in many different countries. Would you say each country has a unique dance music scene, or is it really a global phenomenon? If there are differences, how would you point those out?

Although the more mainstream dance music is just as popular pretty much anywhere around the world in terms of what people listen to on the radio and in bars, having played all around the world I’d say the taste for dance music inside the clubs is very different. For instance Europeans prefer a much more linear and underground set in a club and are much more opened to new sounds, whereas in the USA, where the crowd is a little newer to this genre they seem to feel more comfortable with big room hits and more familiar tracks.

What made you decide to leave Italy?

As much as I love Italy and will always be in my heart, when I finished school and started DJing full time I just realized it was going to be really hard to get a break there and I had much better chances moving to London, where the electronic scene was booming.

Your music is very energetic and peak time material for the clubs. Yet, you find room to incorporate really smooth melodies with a summer feel. Is melody very important to you, or do you like more monotone house music as well?

I come from the old trance and progressive school so melodies have always been part of my sets and productions since the early days and all I’m doing today is fusing my melodic/deeper/emotional style with today’s sound and what works in the clubs right now.

Do you appreciate other art forms and artists? If so, does other art inspire your music?

Yeah I love all forms of arts and every artist, no matter what category they fit in, just gets my respect for putting so much effort and work into something they love.


You have worked with a lot of different vocalists. How important are vocals to your music and the tracks you play? Does every DJ set need some vocal tracks?

To me, vocals are important to be able to reach as many people as you can with your music, even people who never get the chance to listen to your music in a club. But when it comes to playing in a club, well I’d much rather play as little vocals as possible so that the crowd can focus on the actual pieces of music and get deeper into the “down and dirty” mood.

What is the best thing about living in L.A.?

Well the nice, sunny, warm weather all year around is definitely a big plus for me, but of course it’s also a city full of artists and people with a lot of energy and drive, which is very inspiring and helps pushing your own limits!

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EDM is in the midst of its global breakthrough. Where do you expect the music to be in three years? Do you think certain trends could influence your music as well?

EDM is finally getting the shot it deserves globally, it is finally recognized as a very influential genre that moves the masses and EDM artists are finally being recognized as REAL artists, not just somebody in front of a laptop pushing buttons… to create a piece of music that makes people want to dance and which sticks into their head is not as easy as some might think! And yes I do believe as an artist, I should definitely be influenced by the trends because at the end of the day we are all making music for the people out there, so we always need to pay attention to what they seem to reach the most.

You made a really nice music video for Inflexions. Do you feel EDM needs more videos like that?

Yeah EDM needs more music videos, videos are so important now-a-days, people really feel a song much more when they associate it to some visuals so it helps wrapping it all up. I am always going to make videos for my music now-a-days because that’s when it really feels like the whole project is completed and ready to be presented to the world.

If you could give some advice to aspiring Djs, what would it be?

To aspiring DJs I would say always stay true to what you really like and you are passionate about, don’t just go with the trends… you need to believe in what you are doing, only then people will believe in it too.

A final word to say to your fans?

To my fans I wanna say thank you so much for the support, you are the ones motivating me to work harder and do better and better… I just get so much pleasure when I see people enjoying my music and getting as excited as I am about it! 😉

Also I want to thank everybody for taking the time to follow me by sharing one of my unreleased track with you as a FREE download… Thank you so much, here’s the download link: www.antoniogiacca.comn/freetrack

Thanks Antonio for this interview!

You’re welcome, it’s been a pleasure, I always love to talk about music and what’s going on in the scene! 😉

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