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Hibernate releases In Silence on Alpha Milk; signs deal with Oakenfold’s Perfecto label

February 24, 2015 – House music producer Hibernate has released his second single of 2015, and reminds us why this reclusive artist is one of the most respected and under-rated producers in the world. The track is currently available online everywhere.

In Silence is Hibernate in his element, providing his own vocals to a sublimely crafted production and somehow managing to make the uplifting melody fit perfectly with the dark, tough-love message in his lyrics.

In Silence juxtaposes modern hopelessness with an uplifting composition. Hibernate is a master at contrasts and melting together otherwise conflicting ideas, turning what could easily be a dramatic, emotional tune into an energetic, aspirational track.

This balancing act between highs and lows is a staple for Hibernate, borrowed from his real life experiences in a hometown he eventually rejected. He is now Montreal’s adopted son, collaborating with musicians from electronic and classical backgrounds, including Canadian opera star Victoria Gydov who will be featured on his upcoming release, Lux Tua. Montreal’s robust music scene has been a godsend for Hibernate and his label, Alpha Milk Productions, with dozens of new releases in the past year. His new success accentuates the recently completed deal between Hibernate and Perfecto Records, Paul Oakenfold’s legendary label. The first Perfecto release is expected to hit stores sometime this year.

With a full slate of upcoming releases, including the anticipated DMP remix of 2014’s acclaimed Getting There, 2015 looks like a breakout year for Canada’s most unique music producer. The DMP take on Getting There is released simultaneously with In Silence, and is available at online stores everywhere.


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