Jebroer and Eva Simons release new song “Bad Boy” together!

Jebroer and Eva Simons

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Jebroer and Eva Simons are releasing their new song named ‘Bad Boy. This pop/dance banger is all about bringing out your inner bad boy. The international party and radio track will guarantee you instant good vibes. The song bad Boy focusses on staying yourself and accept the fact that no matter how hard you try, everyone has a bad side. The song is accompanied with an equally bad video and is released through ROQ ‘N Rolla Music.

“You can’t change a bad boy! bad boys will always be bad”- Jebroer



Jebroer is a multi-platinum selling artist who not only has great successes within The Netherlands but in Belgium and Germany as well. His tracks are hugely favored by our Eastern neighbors but also conquer Austria and Switzerland. Jebroer sets foot on the ground with his English-speaking audience too, with his latest international trilogy album “Zes Sechs Six”. Radically soaring to claim his position at the forefront of the modern industry, Jebroer has not only scored several knockout hits such as “Kind Van De Duivel”, “Symphony” and “Mutter” that have dominated the charts, but also performed at the most iconic music festivals with more than 400 million streams and views and two million listeners monthly, Jebroer has set his international footprints with an fanbase.

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Eva Simons
Superstar and multi-platinum selling artist Eva Simons needs no introduction. With worldwide superhits such as ‘Take Over Control’, ‘Policeman’ and ‘This Is Love ft. Will.I.Am, Eva Simons can rightfully be called an international superstar. With her catchy music, but her great looks, signature mohawk and big stunning performances all over the world, Eva Simons brings you an experience no one can match.

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