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[Tweet “He is a Toronto-based masked musician who goes by “Anonymous Electronica.””]


It’s probably not the first deadmau5 want-to-be to take to the internet wearing a guy faux mask, but its not often you find one with hundreds of thousands of followers, catalogues of art and great music to dive into. With his fresh release Blackout EP hot off the shelf, it’s nothing short of epic proportions. This 3 Track EP is a story driven collection of Intelligent dance music (IDM), that dives into the subgenera and expands out to explore new possibilities. With a theatrical touch, punchy progressive beats & massive drops, it not only appeals to the hardcore EDM enthusiast but to the bowler wearing hipster as well.

According to his Facebook page, he is a Toronto-based masked musician who goes by “Anonymous Electronica”. Not only does this mysterious character not mention who he is, but he releases all his music independently through his personal network and only talks to press through personal agents working for him at M.A.R.C Management & Entertainment. His website states; “Philosophy acting as the fuel for most of his projects, Anonymous dives deep into the “feel” of the music he creates. Rather being focused on a specific sound or genre, he produces content that flows best with the message he wishes to project, thus creating a rich atmosphere for those who are willing to explore.” – Anonymous Electronica’s Black OUT EP is just the beginning, acting as a prelude to the release of his highly anticipated second album “Beyond the Vail” due for early 2015. With the hordes of followers and supporters, we expect this won’t be the last time you hear about this mysterious producer. Expect tour dates & spontaneous shows listings soon. 

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