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Promoted Post BannerFollowing on from the success of his first two singles in 2024, European producer Rojo B Cruz adds yet another remarkable track into his diverse discography – ‘Echoes of Silence,’ is a quintessential electronic track which boasts an infectious chorus melody, anthemic vocals and a thumping instrumental which is sure to get you off your feet. Not too dissimilar to Avicii and Swedish House Mafia’s early work, ‘Echoes of Silence,’ marks a euphoric step for Rojo yet, lyrically, the song was born out of frustration. ‘I was frustrated with how we communicate today. Many people are convinced that they are the only ones who are right and reject others’ opinions. This mindset often leads to conflicts and misunderstandings. I want to draw attention to the importance of breaking through the noise of conflict and fostering genuine, respectful dialogue.‘ With such an important message delivered in the form of a song that is sure to dominate club dance floors for years to come, ‘Echoes of Silence,’ is an essential playlist addition.


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Rojo B Cruz, hailing from Europe and now shaking up the club scene in Asia, brings a dynamic blend of EDM that’s as intriguing as his mysterious persona. Influenced by EDM legends like Alan Walker, Gabry Ponte, and Basshunter, Rojo crafts explosive tracks that make your heart race and your feet move. His music is a journey, taking you from the underground clubs of Europe to the rooftop parties of Asia, delivering beats that captivate and energize. Rojo keeps his identity as tightly guarded as his impeccable beats, adding an air of enigmatic mystery to his already thrilling sound. Whether you’re dancing the night away or relaxing with headphones, Rojo B Cruz provides the perfect soundtrack. His music seamlessly blends various electronic elements, creating an epic soundscape that transports you from the mundane to the extraordinary. Ready to embark on a new musical journey? Let Rojo B Cruz be your guide. Turn up the volume, lose yourself in his tracks, and experience the electrifying vibes that only he can deliver. Discover Rojo B Cruz now, before his underground status elevates to the next level.

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