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Angry Muffin, who as his former personality released music with some of the top electronic labels on the planet, says shielding himself from the public and media will force audiences to listen rather than look. The anonymous artist plans on captivating his followers through music without a public image, hearkening back to a time when glitz and a pretty face were not as important as the music itself.

For people who are curious about the music a muffin would produce, could you describe your sound to us?

My sound touches on many different genres, all of which were a tremendous influence on me at various points in my life. There are strong flavours of electro pop, 90s industrial, classic rock, 80s pop, all threaded together within an appealing modern EDM framework. I feel as though anyone who enjoyed any of those styles will find excitement and exhilaration in my music.


You recently released your self titled debut album. Could you pick your two favorite songs from it and tell us more about the background of these?

I don’t really have any two favourites, as they are all very special to me. However, if I had to subject myself to such a torturous task, I suppose I could arbitrarily select two just to appease you. ‘A Human Slave’ is a very interesting piece because it touches on philosophical issues that I am sure even the dimmest of minds find intriguing. It possesses an eerily off-center mood that draws the listener into its world of uncertainty, and forces one to question the very fabric of human existence.

Dance Music Mag‘Poison in My Brain’ is a fantastically catchy tune, and tells the story of a passionate man who once sought to melt the stars with his conviction and spirit. The songs hero, however, eventually toppled under the stress and chaos imposed on him by his evil, manipulative peers.  Fortunately though, despite being practically immobilized by his mental condition, he still thrives to succeed at his noble causes…constantly at battle with the the paralyzing poisons that pulse through his psyche.

Tell us something that really surprised you in 2012.

Nothing really.  I find the world terribly predictable.  Every time I think I am witnessing something fresh and exciting, I soon realize that it is merely a mental mirage I created myself out of a personal desire to see change in the world.

Is there something you’d like to see change in the DJ scene? How would we go about that?

I believe that we should take measures to limit the amount of releases per year.  There is no central governing body and no quality control.  Anyone can produce and anyone can be a DJ.  This seems great at fist, but in actuality there is so much horrendously awful music getting out that people can’t even tell the difference between professional quality and amateur frivolity. How would I correct this? I think that people should have to acquire a ‘professional production license’ in order to release music, spin music or start a label.  There should be a central agency –  with administrators from every major genre – who decide when and how to award the license. These administrators must be artists and musicians, and there must be a large amount of them in order to avoid corruption and capitalist takeover. The members of this agency will NOT make any money or have any connections to the labels, and will have a strict ethical code. They are musical artists representing the interests of musical artists…and by default the consumer. The concept is basically like a ‘quality control union’.

I know this sounds elitist, but seriously, there is so much inferior material out there and it takes ALL the attention away from those who have real talent.

DJ PromotionDoes gear matter when being creative? Or should an artist be able to go with anything to awe their fans?

A talented music production artist can make music with anything. Period.  However, that doesn’t mean he has to. It is the most effective to have the highest talent AND the best gear in order to maximize the effect of your efforts. A thorough and vast understanding of production equipment is a great weapon in the composer’s arsenal, and a valid mechanism for unleashing new worlds of creativity and expression.

Describe the wildest night from your life.

I was at a cottage on a balcony kissing this beautiful girl who was apparently a brain surgeon. Everyone else was inside dancing.  Then out of nowhere dr. hottie FAINTED and fell over on me…knocking me OFF the balcony (which was under construction) and into the lake. However, at this part of the lake there was a rock cliff which was unclimbable so I was stranded! My only choice was to swim across the lake to the only other shore, which was about half a mile away (It was a small lake in Muskoka). So, I did just that.  At the other side of the lake there was a gorgeous young lady swimming drunk at 2 in the morning. We made friends, drank more, snorted some cayenne pepper to boost our immune system and then ended up being intimate together. I liked her better than the surgeon because she didn’t try to murder me with her bodyweight.

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Do you believe in love?

Of course I believe in love. Why do you think I am so miserable?

You are gearing up for your live debut with a big party. What can people expect?

I will be center stage on a table with 4 bouncers protecting me from hungry fans who wish to consume me.  To the right of me will be an illuminated sheet room with all my best friends in it. There will be special treats in that room including:  live burlesque dancing, live  sex, fellatio classes, alcohol consumption, and all kinds of sexy dancing.  In order to get into the ‘elite room’ you have to be close friends with me.

446-Angry-Muffin-Hammarica-PR-Electronic-Dance-Music-NewsWhat is the nicest thing a fan ever said to you?

You look tasty.

What defines success for you?

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Ten years ago I would have just said ‘a million dollars per year and all the girls I can handle’.  Things have changed for me since my spiritual awakening a few years ago though. I make music because it is the only way I can stay healthy and fulfilled.  It is the emotional exhaust through which I filter out all the mental toxins that enter my system.  If that process occurs, then I am successful.

Could you give us some advice on the best drugs and your most memorable high?

I was on a trip to Jamaica with my Dad once.  I injected 5 grams of pure allspice into my muffintop. It was a rush man.

Would you ever stop making music in favor of another art form?

Stop?  No.  I would, however, begin supplementing my artistic life with other artforms. It has always been a dream of mine to make a few motion pictures and to compose the soundtracks for those films myself. The synergy of film and music is an artistic area where I am positive I would thrive.

Describe a real-life situation that inspired you?

Yesterday, I saw a mother cradling her baby.  It looked like she was in emotional ecstacy. I saw no evil or malice in her energy field whatsoever. The love of a mother for her child is always a source of inspiration for me.

Is there a final thing you would like to say to our readers?

I encourage all electronic music enthusiasts to be selective in the pieces of music you support and appreciate. Look for originality. Look for a message.  Look for artists who attempt to boldly forge new territories of expression, rather than just emulating others before them. The future of music lies with you and the diligence of your music selection.

Thanks again Angry Muffin for taking the time for this interview!

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Angry Muffin’s self-titled debut album is out now on Alpha Milk Recordings and available on every major download portal.



For more information about the Angry Muffin album contact Wilf Libgott of http://www.hammarica.com

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Angry muffin was baked in 1982, in the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia. The son of a pastry chef and a guitar playing prostitute, he developed an inclination toward music and the opposite sex at a very early age. It seems his desire to hear new music – accompanied with pictures of sexy, naked women – was completely insatiable. His mother, whose nose was always covered in her husbands finest baking flour, exposed him to the raging sounds of classic rock, hair metal, early thrash, synth pop, and uh, regular pop.

In the early 90s he moved to the nation’s friendliest and most outgoing city: Toronto. This is where the young Angry Muffin was seduced by the cities burgeoning rave scene. The outrageously gorgeous little girls and their glowsticks made him very happy and excited, and he just needed to be a part of it all. Unfortunately, he had troubles integrating into the social scene due to various prejudices, so decided to take up music production to earn their respect. He was immediately praised for his talent by all of his peers, and some DJs even played his music in front of thousands of dangerously dehydrated children!

About Angry MuffinSoon thereafter the young Angry Muffin fell in love with a young, tiny breasted raver girl named Chelsea. At first it seemed like a match made in muffin heaven, but Chelsea eventually left him for a regular human man with a penis. Devastated, Angry Muffin decided never to make music again…and never to trust another woman with his heart for as long as he lived.

In the years following the heartbreak, Angry Muffin spent most of his time drinking large quantities of alcohol and getting kicked out of the bars of Toronto. Unable to defend himself due to his small stature, the young muffin was sodomized on numerous occasions. To cope with the humiliation and physical pain, Angry Muffin became addicted to heroin, crack cocaine, regular cocaine, morphine, opium, horse tranquilizer, LSD, methamphetamine, GHB, Oxycontin, PCP, nutmeg, and allspice. These were very dark times for Angry Muffin.

New EDM ReleaseHowever, in 2012 – and much to the fanatical joy of the electronic music world – Angry Muffin decided to lift himself up from the depths of his despair and once again make music. In this music, Angry Muffin draws from his deepest feelings, which include isolation induced depression, euphoria, confusion, anger, paranoia, despair, emptiness and desperate longing. Sometimes Angry Muffin is happy so he makes a happy song.

Angry Muffin’s long awaited first work is self titled, and available now at all the world’s most popular online music shops.




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