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MartyParty is a music producer and performer. Born and raised in South Africa and residing in Brooklyn, NY, his music runs the gambit from sexy hip hop to intense dance to dirty dubstep… sometimes pretty and soft, sometimes hard and dirty, but always emotional.


You are originally from South Africa. When did you make the move to Brooklyn NY?

Hi! Thanks for doing the interview and big up to Hammarica.com!

I was born in South Africa and moved to the US when I was 23 – that was 1994. I lived in San Francisco for 12 years and went through the dot com boom there, then moved to New York 6 years ago after breaking free of my roots in software.

How would you define your ‘Purple’ sound?

Instrumental club hip hop or bassline hip hop – making sounds that aren’t voices carry the same emotional tone and weight as a singer or rapper.

Share an Ableton Live DJ trick native to your style.

Sidechain compress everything to a ghost kick in straight time – make everything move to the rhythm.

Your wildest experience while performing?

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Several times a fan has jumped on stage and dived on my table – totally killing the sound and leaving the electronics in a giant pile of wires, laptops and boxes… There’s this awesome silence while everyone determines what’s left and will it start again – and then WHEN IT DOES! the place goes APE!

What’s coming up production wise?

Been mad busy working with Ooah on the next PANTyRAiD album. We just finished that and wrote a couple remixes and singles to accompany the release. Now I’m working on some new MartyParty bangers and exploring the blend of hip hop and trance/house music a little more. I’m loving trancy buildups falling into trap or purple drops. That’s definitely what I’ve been feeling – just experimenting and making some new movement.

Which artist inspires you to make music?

So many – a lot of the hip hop songs that come out have the most inspiring music behind the rapper- that music is my roots and my love. Also feeling some trap from the good ones like Bro Safari, Ooah, Mimosa, Flux, Carnage -although it’s also exciting to find new faces and sounds. Inspiration can come from any genre or outta nowhere on a soundcloud page with 50 hits.

Is there anything else you would like to mention?

Watch out for the new PANTyRAiD album – IT’S FIRE.

In fact the whole release campaign is so loaded with hot tracks – lots of freebies & all ranges of music – it’s going to be thrilling for everyone who feels our style. Got a great Spring/Summer schedule booked with tons of big PANTyRAiD shows, and tons of heavy MartyParty gigs all over the map 🙂

Get caught up on all of my music at martyparty.com/free/ and come say hi on tour!

Let’s PARTY!



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