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There are few Djz and producers in the modern techno world who can truly claim to have pioneered a style and sound, and call it their own. Such statements are often declared, but rarely justified. In the case of Ben Long and Jamie Bissmire, the names behind the revered SPACE DJZ this claim would be unarguable.Ever since the pair’s formation in the early 1900’s their unerring ability to fuse technowith their life long love of Hip Hop, has set them aside from there peers.


For people not familiar with your specific style, how would you describe the sound?

Modern Techno mixed with flavours from the last 20 years of Techno

If you could pick one techno track for people to fall in love with the genre, which one would that be?

69 – Poi Et Pas (Original Mix)

What was the most intense moment ever while playing a gig?

During a 10 hr set in Tokyo Japan the 1st time we went there playing in small very personal club called Maniac Love , the connection with the people was electric and the audience didn’t leave the dance floor for the whole 10 hrs and were open minded enough to listen to a variety of different music which gave us the room to experiment a lot and take them on a real musical journey over the 10hr period.

Is there a difference in the approach of DJing when you play as a team or alone?

When we play together we try and compliment what the other person is doing whilst giving enough space for the music to breath and adding another level to the sound and dynamics

Is there one record you made that didn’t have the success you had hoped for, but you really wish for people to check out?

It can be quite often the way when you make a track you think its the best you have ever done but then the tracks you don’t really think are so hot turn out to be the most popular which boils down to personal taste i suppose. Some tracks are also not so successful due to lack of the right promotion for us one of those would be our 9th Staircase Ep

Who is your favorite female techno DJ?

A very underground Dj jane from Sheffield UK named Paula Temple

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How does your studio look like? Is it all in the box, or do you use hardware as well?

We went from being totally out of the box then into the box now we are in the process of coming out the box again but still using the box. At the time we started to make techno we built up a vast collection of machines but as the computer age came along we gradually sold off many bits of outboard. In this era equipment has moved on leaps and bounds compared to how it was back then and thats why we are venturing back into the world of outboard.

Dance Music NewsTell us about a few advantages of using Traktor versus other DJ technology.

We find it compliments our DJ style and gives us more scope to play a variety of old and new music in a modern fashion making a nice fusion.

What’s coming up release-wise for you guys?

Dangerous Methods EP – Reloading Records

Grey Matter EP – Recode

The Rhythm Of Resistance Ep – Nachstrom Schallplattern

Hard Times Ep – Artform

On The Never Never Ep – Clutch Trax

Robotic Refuel EP – The Zone Records

The Rise Of The Black Sun Ep – Beat Disaster

Anything else you would like to mention?

Thx for having us and keep it Techno !!



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