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Hollywood’s talk-of-the-town Electro duo KALM KAOZ captured the blog-o-sphere’s attention with their unique electro house sound. We snatched the two of them for an exclusive interview!!


You’re receiving major success as you are participating in Insomniac’s Discovery Music Project. What is at stake?

Filby: If we win, we will be playing at Beyond Wonderland, and our electro remix of James Egbert’s dubstep “Back to new” will be released and pushed through Beatport. It’s a wonderful opportunity to work with Insomniac Events.

SlingR: The guys at Insomniac, particularly Pasquale, are brilliant business men and are executing a brilliant business plan. We’d be thrilled to be associated with Insomniac and their events.

Where does your name Kalm Kaoz stem from?

Filby: It’s pretty clear who’s the Kalm and who’s the Kaoz. (smiling widely)

SlingR: It comes from our life experience, combining our musical vision, big hearts, and belief in the beauty of mayhem, chaos and celebrating life without judgment.

How long did it take to get the project finished and were there any hurdles to overcome?

Filby: We hammered the remix and dj set out in 7 days. it was definitely a super focused effort. We didn’t listen to the original before we remixed the song so that we would approach the stems with an open and original take.

SlingR: Hurdles?! Only sound design, building drum kits, builds, drops, melodies, synths, arrangement, mastering and mixdown, and a conceptual idea of how to use the Egbert stems that resonated with the Kalm Kaoz vision in the blink of an eye.

Dance Music NewsYou two are from different backgrounds. Do you each have specific skills that really add to the collaboration?

Filby: Absolutely, John’s mind for big picture concepts and strategy have a huge influence on all we do. It is very methodical and thought out in the way he looks at our sound, songs, and overall vision for the brand. It really adds volumes to my freestyle way of approaching a song’s production. It’s like a sniper with a spotter – the perfect combination.

SlingR: This is the Kalm Kaoz magic; one plus one equals four.

DJ PromotionWhat do you love most about playing to a crowd?

Filby: The energy. The moment. The fact that this moment in time and space is unique and will never be exactly duplicated. Its the combination of all of the factors that make this so special for all of us together. Its really the best part of this career.

SlingR: It’s simple – we wanna rock the fuck out, always bring our A game, or just don’t spin. We want to create beautiful mayhem and an experience for our audience that is so powerful, they’re troubles vanish. This is our mission. Period.

When did you initially fall in love with music?

Filby: I think before I was born. My mother is from Louisiana and father from England so a massive amount of different music has always been surrounding me.

SlingR: I’ve loved music since….forever, and in all my past lives! My father was involved with the orchestra in New York and I grew up surrounded by classical music. As Jim Morrison is to me, Judy Garland is to my mother. I spent a childhood listening to Mozart, Chaeupane, Handle and Judy Garland. Sounds like heaven, right?

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Do you become a different person when you get on stage?

Filby: I dont know. I’m really not sure how all those pictures of me djing were even made. I guess photoshop has some amazing tools. Lol.

SlingR: I become the person I am, bathed in the music he most desires; I’m myself, but the guy that jams the fuck out. I jam the fuck out a lot now. That’s why I’m doing this – so I can actually be me…and rock the fuck out 24/7!

Which style of EDM would you wish for to have a comeback?

Filby: None. It’s always evolving. The genres split and combine, they fragment and gel. Its the cycle of galaxies in essence.

SlingR: I love porn music.

Do you play acoustic instruments?

Filby: Yes. Of course. We are musicians.

SlingR: OMG, really? Should I list them; does this create credibility? We hold true to one important notion – respect for the musician.

What is coming up for you in 2013?

Filby: I’m getting a neural plug-in installed into my head soI can control fx mapping. Cyborg city!

SlingR: We are using vibrators to create a saw wave deep, overtly dirty, synth; our Duet and the Lady Finger are quite a naughty couple. Stay tuned….

A last thing you would like to mention?

Filby: Cheese when melted is one of the best things to happen to bread since bacon met eggs like, “sup girl”.

SlingR: Filby has a very small…..

For more information about Kalm Kaoz, please contact Wilf Libgott of www.hammarica.com | wilf@hammarica.com

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