“With the over saturation of artists on the market, being original is a hard commodity to find these days”

Turntablist/emcee/self-made businessman and producer PROLIFIC proudly presents the brand new album ANTHEMS OF A DESOLATE WASTELAND. An ambitious project and the result of two years of hard work and dedication. With a vision to merge underground Hip Hop flavors with Dubstep and Trap, Prolific makes a unique and powerful statement. All vocals were recorded in “Foul Play’s” studio. Production, features, and remixes were done in collaboration with numerous talents from the hip hop and bass scenes. Each track was crafted to truly have its individual concept and feel.

NOISEPORN gave the new Prolific album a very favorable review: “Mixing underground hip-hop, trap and dubstep, “Anthems of a Desolate Wasteland” is a myriad of sounds. With several different artists featured on the album, each song has its own unique style and vision. Whether you’re a fan of pure dubstep, hip-hop or both, you’ll appreciate the diversity that is “Anthems of a Desolate Wasteland.”

ProlificPROLIFIC: “As I made the album, I tried to add some legitimacy to the sound. When you think about it, more original and eccentric styles really died when the independents and hard copy industries took the hits they did and switched to digital-only, with the over saturation of artists on the market, being original is a hard commodity to find these days. In the anarchy of what remains, I try to bring anthems and concepts that contain the authenticity that used to come standard with any artist who was on a stage touring or making music that was sold and appreciated in the hard copy era.

When we were piecing the project together, I chose some of the finest talent around the world to work with. Tim Ismag, one of Russia’s top guys did a great job with ‘HYPE THE ROOM’. The track was made a while back and we saved it for the right project, Tony Anthem of Future Prophecies and Axl Ender did a tremendous job with ‘ROCKING IT’ mixing up heavy dub with a trap feel. The ‘PARTY ALL DAY’ track by 6blocc aka RAW carries that West Coast bass at its finest. You know, he’s a legend in LA and all over the world as far as I’m concerned. From Uk Killahurtz whom is involved with many successful projects and labels produced “Magic Carpet”. Mr. Ronins is an up and comer who killed it with ‘DANGEROUS’. Of course Cojaxx, a6, Kice of Course, and Ricky Raw of Mighty High Coup did great with their vocal features. I want to give a particular shout out to A6 whom has been a great friend and artist who did a lot of work on production and vocals and has always motivated me to make good music. Other big talents on the album include Partyson and Dekadence from Russia, Kirkus from UK, Ampr from Finland, Rask:l from Denmark, and D-Star, Philly’s finest.”


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The official video for the 12″ single PARTY ALL DAY (6blocc Remix) features a cameo by 12th PLANET



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