Globetrotting 303 Lover – Manuel De La Mare Exclusive Interview


Manuel De La Mare Hammarica Electronic Dance Music PR


Italian born producer/dj, Manuel De Le Mare has spent years delivering money-shot releases and remixes, while marrying a lifetime of passion and dedication to his love of DJing. This ability within his musical sphere has pricked the interest of global artists like Mark Knight, John Acquaviva and Feddle Le Grand. found some time in his busy schedule for an exclusive interview!

Manuel, you are known as the King of the Remix, taking home Beatport’s Best Remixer Of 2011 title. Can and would you remix anything, or do you go by specifics? Could you make Paris Hilton sound good, or does the base material need a certain quality?

Well, I took a small break from a sort of remixing mania I had. I think you can make sound good everything but it takes a lot of creativity and energy. This was sort of fun for me, but now I do prefer selecting some music that’s worth a remix, or better yet: making some original stuff.

You played at many different festivals. What would be your favorite of those? How was Ibiza this summer?

I will play next week at space again in Ibiza, will be the last show for this year. Ibiza is always great and playing at the number one club in the world makes it even more special for me. This year I also played at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, for sure one of my favorite events!

You are in the process of building a new studio. How is that coming a long? We saw the special UK chair. Adding any other features? What can we expect?

Manuel De La Mare Hammarica Electronic Dance Music PRAhah well the chair is now at home, I’ll have to look for another seat for the studio! It needs some more audio treatment and then it’s ready to go!

After weeks or months of heavy touring, what do you like to do in your home country to chill down and enjoy life?

My life is made of music, and I really enjoy doing this. So well, if we are not speaking about music and parties, I like cooking, spending time with my cats, cinema, reading and other family guy stuff.

Are there any female producers on Hotfingers or 303 Lovers? If yes, who are they? If no, how come?

Hey, I never noticed that, but there are no female producers in our team! We only collaborated one time last year with Nicole Moudaber.

Which upcoming producer would you like to put in the spotlight?

Mike Vale is the man, he is one of the best artists I’ve heard lately, he is extremely talented.

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What is the essential track from Manuel De La Mare in 2012 that no one should miss out on and why?

Opa Locka, I did this with Luigi Rocca for Toolroom. I love that song, the positive energy that transmits, the sound, the vocals, the reaction on the dance floor, everything!

Manuel De La Mare Hammarica Electronic Dance Music PR

Your best advise for others to keep yourself entertained during long travels?

Take a sleeping pill and goodnight!

How do you experience the rise of the USA EDM scene. Is it different than Europe? And which scene do you find more appealing?

I have a residency in Las Vegas at Hard Rock Hotel, so I have the chance to travel to the US every month and go on tour to almost every big city. And like Europe it is composed of many different scenes: you can’t really say Las Vegas is similar to Chicago, same as London compared to Berlin maybe. But I think none of these two have the best scene, South America and Mexico for me have the best crowd.

What can we expect in the near future from your record labels?

We are taking a different direction, or better, we go back to the original idea behind the label’s concept. 303lovers is the male, hotfingers is the female. Ok, if that doesn’t make sense, then listen to our latest music: Alex Kenji & NDKJ – Not that kind of girl, on hotfingers with a female vocal, and a lot of music elements, while on 303lovers the new release from BIAS and Alex Gomes – Candela, definitely has a more dark orientation.

A last word for our readers?

I hope to see you live somewhere in the world during a great party!




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