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Through one of our inside reporters who was able to infiltrate within the inner circle of SKRILLEX and OWSLA, we came aware of what no one had ever thought possible: Skrillex secretly shaved off all of his hair, buzz cut style. Not to mention that he got himself a pair of sweet contacts. Employees at his studio didn’t recognize him the first day he came to the office sporting the new look. Worse: they thought he was the new intern and yelled at him for not delivering the donuts for their lunch break on time.

When all confusion settled down, Skrillex explained: “I’ve lived the life of a rockstar for the last few years. It’s certainly been an awesome ride, but there comes a point where one has to reconcile. When girls start to look like you, and even start to look more like you than you could ever look like yourself, then an executive decision is needed.

Moreover: when I go to MC Donald’s to buy myself a sweet Big Mac, all these raver kids jump on me like I’m a piece of molly or something. No, it’s worse: like I am THE LAST piece of molly, it gets frustrating. I love my fans, but I have limits too you know…

And then I saw that mop in the corner of the restaurant.. in the bucket that Justin Bieber peed in.. 

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So therefore I decided to live my private life in anonymity. I’ll sport a wig for shows, and will have my Skrillex glasses ready. BUT… people won’t recognize me anymore on the streets, and that is something I longed for for a long time.”

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